Cover Image Chips and Cheese and Nana’s Knees


Cover Image


A My Name Is Alice

Cover Image

Alligators All Around by Maurice Sendak




Cover Image

If You Were Alliteration


Cover ImageWalter was Worried by Laura Seeger
Cover Image ABC Kids by Simon Basher


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Sneak-a-peek and Assessments

On the tables:

Name tags placed with contact paper

4 pages: Getting to know your child sheet (return later), checklist of places to put supplies, half-sheet with quick things to know such as allergies and how the child is going home each day and finally the daily schedule.

I had the students put their scissors in the colored caddies at their tables, put the large items such as wipes, tissues, and baggies in boxes at the front of the room. The rest of the supplies were left on the table at their spot.

welcome to kindergarten

I also had a large name tag which I had them hold while I took their photo. This will allow me to learn their names before school starts.



The next two days will be assessment days. Each child signed up for 30 minutes to do a 1:1 test.

  1. upper-case alphabet identification
  2. rhyming
  3. lower-case alphabet identification
  4. beginning sounds
  5. alphabet sounds
  6. sight words
  7. DRA up to level 6

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Ice Cream

Counting by 10s ice cream:


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End of the Year Fun

Bubble Day: The kids were given bubble wands and allowed some time to play with them outside.

DSC01614 DSC01615

Teddy Bear Day: Each child brought a teddy bear to school to use during math. They measured how tall their bears are using cubes, compared bears on a balance scale, and compared bears in many other ways.



Ladybug Day: See plants

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Word Choice:

Cover Image Green by Laura Seeger

We read this story and then talked about different ways to make color words more exciting by giving them new names.  The kids wrote their new color names on a crayon and colored it to match.  They loved this!  Some of the color names were: Statue of Liberty green, emerald green, lava red, diamond blue, dolphin gray, apple red, Toothless black,  and sunset pink.



DSC02702 DSC02703 After reading Happiness Is a Warm Puppy, the children wrote about what makes them happy. Some children wrote Happiness is ______. Some children wrote ______ makes me happy.

Word Wall:



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American Symbols

We made this Statue of Liberty which came from a very old Mailbox Magazine.  Then, a little artist in my classroom made this statue of liberty for fun and I decided to change it up for next year and do a directed drawing of the Statue of Liberty.

DSC01557 DSC01577


Bald Eagle:

DSC01773 We spotted this bald eagle on our family vacation.

DSC01620 A boy in my class made this bald eagle craft on his own.

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Alphabetical Order

DSC01463 Alphabetical order animal chain- make a chain with animals placed in alphabetical order.  For example: alligator, bird, camel, elephant, fish, lion, monkey, snake.

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